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Ajax Real Estate offers its clients a wide range of services. Over the years we have been able to establish our name in the market and build strong partnerships with expertise in the real estate sector to help our clients with us. The services we can offer our customers:

Consulting services

A completely free consultation, which is also the first stage of the deal. Once we’ve determined together what kind of deal you want, we’ll provide you with:

Comprehensive market research and report on current market prices
-Market analysis

-Market valuation of a property or investment valuation of a project

We will offer you a huge catalog of homes according to your requirements

Services for clients looking for rental properties

•Consulting on all legal and procedural issues, contact property rental in Sofia
•Available on a range of properties that match your search
•Intermediary services
•Representation and professional negotiations to protect the interests of Renter and Owners
•The best price and conditions are negotiated with the owner of the property
•Survey of the selected property
•Signing the lease
•Assistance after the establishment in housing, in case of possible cases/problems

Services for clients looking to buy property

Our customers will receive full assistance from us and our following partners, in services:

•Getting approved for a mortgage loan
•Preferential conditions for bank credit
•Legal and accounting services, etc.
•Construction, renovation and 3-D interior design to give you an idea of what your dream home would look like
•Help with the renovation and furnishing of the property
•Assistance in taking possession
•Services for property owners who wish to rent/sell their home
•Consulting on all legal and procedural issues related to the sale / rental of a property in Sofia
•Appraisal of the property by a professional appraiser
•Conducting viewings with suitable potential renter/buyers at a time convenient for you
•Confession of the sale transaction / Signing of the Rental agreement
•Assistance in transferring the property into possession.

Marketing Services

We at Ajax can offer you a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach your property to the right target audience. We offer a diverse range of services that include:

Preparation of a comprehensive plan for offering the property

•Digital marketing

•Advertising of home in appropriate portals with photos taken by us with professional equipment
•Advertising your home on social networks in the form of a video with our brokers, photos, etc.
•Photo and video editing with professional programs
•Advertising on our site, which reaches Google ads, as well as after all algorithms through Google Analytics, so that you can not reach the right audience
•Preparation of printed advertising displayed in: flyers, posters, etc.
•Preparation of a scheme/sketch of your property – 3D visualization